Konnichiwa is a commission founded years ago, with the goal to promote Japanese culture on the campus. In order to do this, Konnichiwa organises several activities.

Dance Dance Revolution

Every monday night, at 8 pm, Konnichiwa organises Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) in de Drakenkelder. DDR is a kind of arcade game, in which you have to step on a mat with four arrows. On a screen, arrows appear to the tune of a song, which you have to tap with your feet. In this way, you 'dance' the songs. More information on DDR can be found on Wikipedia.

Friday Animarathon

We marathon a ~4 hours or less anime every other Friday. To find out what anime will be watched and when, be advised to check the room calendar. See the shared discord for more information. You can also find out more about our selection process, our current selection of future anime, as well as a database of past animarathons here.


Six times per academic year, Konnichiwa organises a Minicon. This is a day (from 10 am until midnight) full of East Asian centric activities in the Drakenkelder. Think watching Anime (Japanese cartoons), reading Manga (Japanese comics) and of course playing DDR. All of this is free if you have a Konnichiwa activity card, without it costs €2,50. During the Anime miniconvention dinner will be ordered. Dinner at the minicon costs 10.00€ per person.

  • January 20th
  • March 16th
  • May 18th
  • July 6th

Activity card

For those who plan to visit the minicons more frequently we have a special deal called the activity card. With this card you'll have access to the minicon for a full year, which is 6-7 minicons. This deal has a variable cost:

  • €6 for Bellettrie members
  • €8 for Unioncard holders
  • €10 otherwise


Konnichiwa has shown Anime (both series and movies) and had a Manga drawing commission. In the past, they also organized a "Megacon" called Abunai. This turned into such a success, that Abunai has split off. At first, this Megacon took place on campus, but the event has even become too big for the campus. Nowadays Abunai is a big event organized in Eindhoven. You can also look at their website www.abunaicon.nl