Board and Committees

The Board of the Bellettrie ensures the continued existence of the Bellettrie. The board ensures the policy of the Bellettrie and handles the daily problems and tasks of the association. The board usually consists of three persons, occasionally supplemented by a general member.

At the time of writing not an old board picture

The Computer Committee is responsible for maintaining the computer on the desk in the room.

The Book Buying Committee buys new books.

The Boekendespoot or BoDe is the person responsible for coordinating the book buying committee. He is also responsible for managing the book collection and its catalogue. The Book Committee or BoCo supports the BoDe in managing the book collection and its catalogue.

The Kick-in Committee is responsible for making sure the planned activities run smoothly during the Kick-in.

Konnichiwa is a committee that, frequently throughout the year, organizes activities around Japanese culture. These activities include minicons, animarathons and special evenings to play Dance Dance Revolution.

The PR-committee makes posters and artwork to promote Bellettrie and its activities.

The Inkcie or writing committee is responsible for organising the Wednesday writing evenings and organising & promoting NaNoWriMo and the annual Bellettrie short story competition.

The Retrieval committee makes the last attempts at retrieving books from people who have failed to return it for at least 10 weeks. They visit these people in order to get the book and the possible fine that comes with it.

The Web Committee is responsible for maintaining and improving the catalogue system of Bellettrie. This includes writing code for new functions as required, keeping the system secure, and currently writing a new catalogue system. Furthermore, they maintain the website of Bellettrie, and all its functions.

The Lenders Committee consists of all the members who are able to lend out and take in books. Most of these are also members of the Openers Committee, which consists of all the members who are able to open the room for Bellettrie.

The Till Committee or Kasco is a GMA-committee that inspects the treasurer’s work and advices the GMA.

The Advisory Board or Raad van Advies (RvA) is an advising committee with the authority to advise the association if there is trouble.

The Activity Committee organizes activities.